Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm alive...barely

I know this is bad timing to post on April Fool's Day, but I'M PREGNANT!  I will be 16 weeks on Tuesday and so excited.  It has been super rough because I have had morning sickness like I did with Zach.  I just barely had my PICC (long-term IV) pulled out the other day.  I'm starting to feel better and hope that the morning sickness will go away completly soon.  I have been so lucky to have have help and support from everyone around me.  My mom has basically kept me alive for 3 months.  I am very greatful that her and my sister Amy has the skills to take care of me and our house instead of the hopsital.  Even Preston and my dad should be  honorary nurses.
Zach was not very excited at first because "he doesn't like babies" but I think he really is starting to get excited.  He has pick out the name Risby if it is a boy and Margaret if it is a girl (no, we will not be using these names). 
I still have a couple of tests coming in the next few weeks, but the baby is active, healty, and big so that's all that matters.  My family and I have guessed that it is a boy to make #5 for my mom and dad so we will see a couple weeks! 

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Greg and Meg said...

Risby? What a silly boy! We are so excited about this baby! I'm so happy that my baby will have someone to play with! I'm officially guessing (ok...hoping...) it's a girl!